About us

BOWNBOSS is a serivce community building startup website that primarily focuses on people’s empowerment. Zero unemployment in this world is my dream which I am turning into reality through this website.

"I believe in people's empowerment where each and everyone deserves to BOWNBOSS"
Imran Muzawar
Founder/ Owner
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  1. Join our network for free as customer and explore opportunities
  2. Join Business for free as provider and start working by yourself. 

Customer Benifits

  • Download our Web App just by clicking add to home button.
  • Service from highly skilled people.
  • Explore thousands of coupons and discounts .
  • Sign up using 102 different languages.
  •  Your own BOWNBOSS wallet which rewards you occasionally.
  •  Mark your favorite service provider.
  •  Check bookings, create multiple booking in advance.
  •  Select your schedule
  • Check invoices.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Post jobs.
  • Check applicants applied for job or provider interested to perform task.
  • Create a list of quotation
  • Give reviews on services and service providers so they can hit bonus monthly.
  • Chat Unlimited with Other service Provider before booking any service 
    * 100% Support from BOWNBOSS team
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Step by Step Procedure for Service Provider Professional

  1. Sign Up and Download Our Web App by clicking add to home screen button 
  2. Register yourself, choose best matching profession for yourself.
  3. Apply with Necessary Documents for quick approval.
  4. Wait for Verification process which will be determined according to country laws and regulations.
  5. Screening process will be done either on phone call or personally so we know Who you are and your interest.
  6. Approval Process.
  7. As a provider you have your own Dash board to work with.
    –Some of the great features:
    *Comes with 102 Different Languages 
  8. Generate OTP to detect frauds and avoid fake booking.
    * Different payment options.
    * Your own BOWNBOSS wallet which rewards you occasionally.
    *Create your own profile
    * Upload photos and video
    *Check your earnings and dues
    *Add your qualifications, certificates, post your own articles.
    *Apply jobs, post jobs
    *Set your availability and unavailability
    *Choose your own schedule
    *Check your paid outs.
    *Check your Quotation request
    *Select your business hours
    *Add postal code, zip code , pin code set your own area of providing services.
    *If you have more then 1 business then select your branch.
    *set up Regions.
    *Set your business globally.
    *Mark your business on Google Map
    *List your type of services you provide.
    *Sell your items online.
    If you have a big team then add them
    *Build involve to your customers
    *Chat personally with your customers or clients.
    * 100% Support from BOWNBOSS team
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Work Anytime Create your own schedule

As long as you want to keep rolling your money, keep on working! Nobody can stop you. Create and fix your own schedule.

Amazing features OF BOWNBOSS

OTP system

One Time Password system to prevent fake booking.

Private Text System

Chat freely with provider or customer before creaking any deals.

Multilingual & translatable

We have 102 different language options and it works faster than the speed of light.

Wire Transfer on Booking

Booking is faster and easy all the details is secured and 100% safe.

World Directory

World is on your click, you have an option to browse it for free, check whatever you want anytime.

Claim Your Business

It is important to claim your business for easy customer search.

Identity Check of Provider

Every Service provider goes through the strict identity check before been approved.

Community builder

Build your community, follow your favorite people, communicate with them and create new opportunities.

Invoice Generator and Booking

Generate your Invoice online and receive or make payments.

Job Posting by User

Post job freely worldwide.


We are always ready to help you with any inquires, feel free to send email on [email protected]

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Our mission is to empower people by building an ecosystem of opportunities, where everyone deserves to be their own boss.


Our vision is to create a world with zero unemployment.


Respect Understand others' needs Create Opportunities Grow together

Our story

The idea popped up in my mind when I came down to Slovakia to settle down forever on 1st March 2019. I started looking for jobs but couldn’t find any work. The companies would tell me that I was overqualified for the position offered. I was shocked to know that but still, I had more plans. On April 10th, I reached Goa, India, and met so many youngsters who had high degrees but no job. I felt very upset and started to think about what I could do to change this situation. So, I did my research. And as a result, I came up with this idea and the business plan to change people’s lives, and that is BOWNBOSS project.

 started looking for web builders and developers. I shared an overview of my idea with them but they couldn’t truly connect with what I envisioned. Some of them were only interested in the money, and that’s when I learned how selfish this world can be. I was not ready to give up on my dream. It was a commitment I had made to myself. I worked on a solid plan, started taking notes, watched YouTube videos, read books on how to create a website, and built this website myself. It was ready to be launched in March 2020 when Covid19 hit the world, but that didn’t stop me. I still went ahead and launched the website . Once our Mother Earth gets healed, together shall we grow.

Reach Us

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